Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gosh...time sure flies.  I cannot believe I haven't posted in my blog since October!  I have to re-visit a couple of things from the past few months. 

First of all, I still love my shower pole!  I know my friends reading this will think I'm crazy to love a "thing" so much...but I do.  I love looking at it every morning in the shower and admiring its organization skills.  Another thing I love is our new dinette set.  I struggled with that purchase as well because it was a glass-top table and the chairs are leather.  But I haven't been sorry for one second.  I love it everyday.  I look forward to sitting next to it to do my Bible study or sign our Christmas cards or just have a cup of coffee.  One day I will love sitting next to it and looking out on our landscaped yard.  (Maybe next spring.)  I guess it gives me pleasure because I have made some purchases over the years that I regret.  When you purchase something you have to look at everyday...you better love it, right?

Secondly, I'm sure glad my three WWS girlfriends and I are doing "Jesus, the One and Only" Bible study by Beth Moore.  I've really enjoyed it and see God at work in my own heart and theirs.  I've never been a huge fan of Beth Moore.  But I opened up my mind and heart and I have to admit I really am enjoying her commentary in this work book.  I think the thing that I am enjoying about her is how she can become so excited about Jesus and what He is doing.  She's almost giddy and I wish I had that trait.  When was the last time you saw Jesus do something that made you out and out scream with delight?  It's been a long time for me.  I'm more like "Ok Lord...that was really neat" with a ho hum attitude.  During this Christmas season, I'd like to scream with delight at seeing God work in my life and the lives of my family and friends.

Thirdly, I'll be spending the day with my three favorite boys tomorrow at Knott's Berry Farm.  Cameron, Cristian and Adrian.  I'm so excited and praying for good weather and a fantastic day of fun!  Hopefully, I'll have some great pictures to post.

Oooooo...I just remembered something.  I took a peek at Colette's blog and saw the little photo op about her glasses.  I want you to be the first to know (besides Richard), that I finally bought a pair of cheater glasses.  Beth made me do it.  Getting up early in the morning to do my Bible study I find that my eyes are kind of blurry and the print was looking smaller and smaller everyday.  So while at Bobbi's Hallmark last week, I decided to try a pair on.  I purchased 1.25 correction and they are perfect for Bible study.  Of course, when I look up everything else is a complete blurr.  I like them.  But it looks like you'll have to wait until our next study to see them.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday...yea!  Tomorrow I get to sleep in and I'm really looking forward to it for some reason.  Cameron is spending the night tonight and he and Grandpa are immersed in Wi and Play Station games.  I'm trying to make some decisions about hanging pictures, mirrors and shelves in the guest room.  My goal for the weekend is to get them hung.

I also bought two mirrors and two cherubs from Zulily.  First time I ordered anything thru that website...took FOREVER to get here.  I ordered them around the 1st of September and they just arrived yesterday. 

Tomorrow, I'd like to visit the new Bolles Nursery on Allen Road.  My friend said it was very nice and I should take a look.  I really need to plant some flowers in the front yard...the ones the landscape company planted when we moved here are crispy now.  Any ideas for some fall color splashes?

To my WWS ladies...I've actually stayed on a healthy eating plan all week and...feel great.  Not surprised though.  Eating right always makes me feel better; but for some reason, I have the hardest time making myself get started.  Why?

Haven't heard much from my girls this week.  I did hear that 'Frank' (Adrian) got the staples removed from his head on Wednesday and got his 2 year shots (ouch) at the same appointment.  What a brave little man.  Speaking of 'the girls'...Terri turns 30 on October 30th.  My baby is turning 30.  Ouch!  Time sure flies...seems like we were celebrating her 10th birthday just a couple of years ago.  I'm supposed to have lunch with Tina tomorrow at P. F. Chang's.  I'm looking forward to it.

Well, time to go see what the 'boys' are up to.  It's pretty quiet out there.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Being a grammy is fun!

Three weeks ago I was already beginning to get nervous about taking care of Cristian and Adrian for 5 days while Art and Terri were in Mexico.  WHY?  It was a piece of cake...well except for Adrian's cracked head and 3 staples.  Honestly, I'll keep those 2 boys any time.  They were nothing but fun.

Art still had some time off and they came to Bakersfield on Wednesday and left today.  Terri sent me this picture of those two little monkey's sitting in the tree.  I love those two.  (Wonder what Cristian has been eating?  Blue lips :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I added a new blog to my list this morning.  Beth Elliott is a former student of Tina's and presently at St. Jude's Children's Hospital going thru some pretty scary testing/treatment for a rare brain tumor.  Just reading all her posts makes me so thankful that my daughters were blessed with good health and really had no major problems.  Check out Beth's post.  It's very interesting.

Tonight we leave for Camarillo to stay with Cristian and Adrian.  I am looking forward to spending time with them, but a little apprehensive as well...just not knowing how they'll react to not having mom and dad around.  We have taken care of Cristian twice previously when Art and Terri went to Mexico and it was easy and fun...but he was a baby and such a good baby.  The boys are older now and very aware of who is (and isn't) present.  So pray for us.  We'll be there until Friday around 3, at least that's the plan.  Then back to Bakersfield for the rest of the weekend.  Cristian has school from noon to 3 everyday and we hated to have him miss it.  Hopefully, he'll go to school easily with us taking him instead of mom.  We'll see.

By the way, I've been very busy at work.  Wouldn't you know it...I'll be gone the next 3 days and I was looking forward to being gone because it was so slow at work.  Now I have plenty of work to keep me busy.  It always seems to work out that way. 

Folks...I have to buy a sewing machine!  What I mean is...I have to have something to occupy my time during the evenings.  My husband is quite contented to sit in front of the television every evening until he falls asleep and I on the other hand, eat my way thru another boring evening.  I need some hobbies and I used to love to sew.  My old Singer has a broken gear and needle (something).  I don't think it wise to put $100 into fixing it when it mainly sews a straight stitch.  Even the guy at Carlson's said it wasn't a 'top of the line machine'.  So I am going to make it a goal to get a machine in the next few weeks.  If you have any ideas for me...post them!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


So...I wanted a new pole caddy.  No, no...not a guy to carry around my 'pole' for dancing but a shower pole caddy...you know for your shower goodies??  Get the mental picture of me pole dancing out of your little heads.  (Although I've heard it's great exercise.)  I bought a cheap pole caddy at Target when we moved into the new house and after 2 weeks, it was full of rust.  I've been doing my research and I decided on the "Rust Proof OXO Lift & Lock Pole Caddy".  I actually decided on this one a long time ago, but it was so expensive.  I've been trying to justify the cost for 2 months.  It's $129.99!  That's big bucks.   I finally told myself I was going to order it this weekend on Amazon...period.  But on my weekly trip to BB&B, there it was...the Rust Proof Super Duper Lift & Lock I had been dreaming of since the rust first reared it's ugly head on my cheap Target pole.  And I had a 20% off one item coupon at BB&B, so I snagged it.  I wish I could say it went up easily and I was enjoying the many pleasures of having our shower products neatly organized...but that's not the case.  It did go up easy enough; but I wanted to change the position and when I tried to re-position it in a different corner, the locking mechanism wouldn't work.  So, I run to the computer and Google OXO's customer service.  However after explaining my problem in detail, I realized it was 8:00 pm in PA and I wouldn't get a reply until Monday.  Then I remember overhearing the clerk at BB&B tell another customer that everything purchased in the store has a life-time guaranty.  (News to me.)  So I call the store and tell 'Melissa' what happened and she says"bring it back and we'll give you a new one."  So...that pole is going back to the store on Monday and I'm going to try it again.  This time I know where to put it.

My story has a point...I've wasted 2 months trying to talk myself into spending $129.99 $103.99 on a useful item that should last me 5-10 years, but I think nothing of spending $5.00 on a Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt that lasts 15 minutes tops...not once this week...but twice!!  Priorities.



Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Swing Set!!

Ok...here it is.  Leah will be the first to try it out tonight!  Sure hope they like it.

Too many birthdays!

Ok, we're deep into September and knee-deep in birthdays!  As I've previously stated I have 27 September birthdays of family and friends.  It's crazy!  Oh those cold December nights.  My daughter-in-law Russett is 40 today.  She lives in Wyoming and is a Special Education teacher.  We are celebrating Tina, Richard & Bailey tonight...wish Adrian was here.  Dinner at 5:00!  I better get going...but first...

Grandpa has been busy this weekend building a swing set for our little grandkids.  (Hey...Cristian and Adrian will be here this weekend w/o parents and for a week in October.  We had to arm ourselves with something of interest to them!)  It turned out really nice too.  I think it took about 12 hours to build and he did it all by himself!  Of course, I supplied plenty of  1/2 & 1/2.  (Iced tea and Lemonade!  I learned yesterday that is called an Arnold Palmer.  All these years, I thought an Arnold Palmer was an alcoholic drink.  Oh well.  That's our new favorite drink.)

SS was sure good today.  We're studying the Book of Ruth.  What a great lesson on commitment.  I also heard a new song this week on KLOVE by Amy Grant and Nicole Nordeman called "I'm With You".  http://youtu.be/UW4r72nJObw  It's a song about commitment and I just saw on You Tube that someone put pictures of Naomi and Ruth on the video screen...it's good.  Take a listen.

Ok...gonna go out and take a picture of the new swing set and try to post it.